The wonderful world of Kortia’s isekai romance

When looking for video recommendations or highlighting new releases, sometimes you come across a title you’re incredibly happy to have discovered. For me, Kortia is a great example of this. Kortia is a browser-based visual novel in an isekai style — but with husbandos that look as beautiful as this I can’t be the only […]Read More

Hump Day Husbandos: Ignis Carbunculus (Café Enchanté)

Hello all and welcome to our new weekly Hump Day Husbandos column! Each week we will be covering a male within any video game genre, be it a JRPG, visual novel, or of course an otome who deserves to be celebrated and regarded as one of the finest husbando candidates out there who you should […]Read More

10 wholesome video games to keep your happy meter full

In the past I covered 5 chilled games to relax to. Evidently that wasn’t quite enough, as 2021 has already been a turbulent time for many people. So here I am once more, this time recommending you a whopping 10 more wholesome titles to keep your mind occupied, refill your happy meter and warm up […]Read More

The harrowing horror of indie visual novel Milk inside a

Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk was released on the 26th of August 2020 by Nikita Kryukov, and is as bizarre as it sounds. But when we look past the horror label of this short, experimental visual novel it shows an exceptional exploration into the complicated subject of mental illness. […]Read More

5 of our most anticipated visual novel releases of 2021

We’ve covered 3 JRPGs we’re excited to see more of in 2021, so here is what I’m most excited for in 2021 in the visual novel sector! Which titles are in your wishlist for this year? Root Film As the sequel to Root Letter, we return to the Shimane prefecture in an even more horrifying […]Read More

Lilia’s top 5 games of 2020

With the end of the dreadful year of 2020 finally wrapped up, I’m taking a look back on the very best video games that were released this last year that managed to brighten it up. As these are my personal picks on what I enjoyed and completed be sure to share your own picks in […]Read More

Ranking the Code: Realize Love Interests

We’ve reviewed the original Code: Realize (CR) title before, so I am now throwing my own two cents in the ring in discussing the best part of the title. The love interests of Code: Realize are all delightful, with plenty of emotional backstories and distinctive personalities to have all our wants met and as engaging […]Read More

3 OELVN games we want you to play

Eliza Eliza is a thought-provoking, emotional tale of AI meeting mental health in a dystopian world. We are Evelyn Ishino-Aubrey, whose past is grey as we know of only her past 3 years of being out of work, and whose present is just as uncertain in a world where her new job as a proxy […]Read More

Looking back on Code Vein

Considering how often we covered the very anticipated release of the “anime Dark Souls” back in September of last year I feel it has been very late of us to report our feelings on the rather special title. From the company who brought us the infamously bleak and harsh world of Dark Souls, we were […]Read More