3 smart educational visual novels designed to teach you

I’m sure you’ve heard of Tokyo Colorful Days and Go! Go! Nippon! -My First Trip to Japan-, two well-known visual novels where we follow two lovely ladies into districts of Japan, learning locations and Japanese phrases while falling in love. And what did that teach us? A lot I’m sure, but not enough! So let’s […]Read More

Obey Me! when I say this otome card game hybrid

After becoming more focused on sinking my time into physical only releases of otomes, I began to turn my back on my initial exposure to the genre with the mobile exclusive titles. The most notorious titles developed by prolific companies many otome players will come to quickly learn of consist of names such as Cheritz […]Read More

Our 10 favourite visual novel couples

Within even the more adventure or sci-fi focused visual novels, coupling options are plentiful. For such a big list, this one was a toughy. My choices for sure will change given the more visual novels I manage to finish, but as of 2020, these are my favourite visual novel couples across the genre I’ve had […]Read More

Piofiore: Fated Memories is worth raving about

After experiencing the rather poor translation of Collar x Malice – Unlimited, I want to reassure otome enthusiasts immediately with the knowledge that this title is a notable improvement of a localisation by Aksys. While it does have a few noticeable typos, missed letters and misplaced letters, more so in certain routes than others (the […]Read More

10 of our favourite time manipulation games

Want to discover some games you should spend your all important time on? Here we list 10 of our favourite time manipulation games, be it a game mechanic, or relevant plot device to the story. With so many titles out there involving such a difficult theme to implement and pull off effectively, there will be […]Read More

No Straight Roads is right up my alley

After three years of development and as the first release of independent studio Metronomik, No Straight Roads released Worldwide this month. Its company was founded by cousins Daim Dziauddin, designer for Street Fighter titles since 2012 and Wan Hazmer, lead game designer of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy XV. Hazmer left Square […]Read More

5 Multi-Language Physical Switch Visual Novels to add to your

The Nintendo Switch already has an abundance of English visual novels available to hold within your hands as physical copies. With the Nintendo Switch being region free, it opens up a lot of potential purchases outside of your own region. But did you know that there are Japanese only physical copies that have options for […]Read More

Auteur Analysis: Kotaro Uchikoshi

After discussing Suda51 as an Auteur, I wanted to discuss an individual who wouldn’t initially appear as so obvious. Across two decades Kotaro Uchikoshi has made a name for himself with Western audiences specifically due to two series; the increasingly popular Zero Escape trilogy, and the lesser known but unanimously loved Infinity series. For the […]Read More