Japan to get ‘Premium Newcomer Package’ for Persona 4 Arena: Ultra Ultimax Suplex Hold

Interested in Persona 4 Arena: Ultra Ultimax Suplex Hold, but never played the first game? You’re in luck if you live in Japan, as Atlus has announced their plans to release the ‘Premium Newcomer Package’, which includes both games and an abundance of extra content.
The ‘Premium Newcomer Package’, as seen below, includes:
– A download code for story mode from the original Persona 4 Arena
– The glasses DLC for all characters
– 12 additional BGM’s (Background Music) consisting of 3 tracks from Persona 3, 5 tracks from Persona 4 and 4 tracks from Persona 4 Golden
– Teddie and Mitsuru as additional navigators
– An exclusive physical illustration by Shigenori Soejima
– And of course, the entirety of Persona 4 Arena: Ultra Ultimax Suplex Hold
Persona 4 Arena: Ultra Ultimax Suplex Hold releases in Japan on 28th August, and this edition will cost 8,315 yen. North America is also getting the game later this year, but there has been no confirmation of any collector’s or limited editions as of yet.
As a huge Persona fan in Europe, I hope that we at least get a physical edition, but digital-only seems to be what Atlus are pushing here.

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