Senran Kagura: Burst Review (3DS)

Still wondering what Senran Kagura is all about, even after watching our various informative videos? Well, read on to learn more about this busty-brawler that’s more than just simple fanservice.


As you have probably noticed over the last few months, certain individuals have decided to judge Senran Kagura merely on its fanservicy nature, without looking at the game as a whole. While yes, there are copious amounts of well designed boobs and butts, Senran Kagura is also an addictive brawler, fleshed out with a surprisingly deep story.


Senran Kagura 1


Senran Kagura is a game of two halves – visual novel sections where most of the story takes place, and fast paced combat. Both revolve around the existence high schools that secretly teach schoolgirls the art of ninjitsu. Shinobi are designated as “good” or evil” based on their affiliation with the national government. The “good” side of the story focuses on the shinobi of Hanzō Academy, while the Burst exclusive “evil” side reveals the motivations behind the shinobi of Hebijo academy. Naturally, this is more than a simple tale of good and evil, and it’s worth making your way through both sides to fully understand the world and characters of Senran Kagura.


Senran Kagura 2



Characters also have the ability to transform into their shinobi outfits, giving them access to special attacks. Many outfits can be acquired during the game, with accessories adding further customisation options. As seen in some of the screenshots in this review, Senran Kagura features clothing damage, though this is also tied into gameplay. While outfits allows you to use special attacks, they come with their own health bar too, granting extra protection from enemies.  Players also have the choice to enter battle in nothing other than a swimsuit, trading defense for a decent attack boost.


I can’t finish this review without mentioning Senran Kagura’s amazing soundtrack. with a great variety of background music both during and outside of battles. I can’t wait to listen to some of the tracks that are using in the rest of the series.


Senran Kagura 3


To be honest, you probably already made up your mind as to whether Senran Kagura was worth buying before even reading this review, but it’s worth knowing what you’ll be getting before diving into the game this week. It’s nice to see games like this be supported by western publishers, so make sure to buy Senran Kagura if you want to see more niche games make it here.


Senran Kagura: Burst is available in stores and on the Nintendo eShop right now!

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