Rice Digital @ London MCM

October’s MCM London Comic-Con is almost upon us. As usual it’s being held in the Excel centre at Royal Victoria Dock, and will likely be signposted by hordes of fantastic cosplayers milling about outside having fun despite the weather. The question hot on your lips: “will Rice Digital be in attendance?” The answer is invariably “yes”.


We were at MCM earlier this year in May, and we had a lot of fun. You might have seen our tiny stand, and you might have come over to say “hi”. In either case: thank you. Thank you so much. But this time around we’re really going to be stepping up our presence. Rice is a big deal. It’s an agricultural commodity with the third-highest worldwide production, and we don’t see why Rice Digital should be any different. We’ll be hanging out, checking out the other stands, and selling great products like some kind of diseased bargain monster, desperate to rid itself of its contagious, sickeningly low priced wares. We’ll have the games, the posters, the t-shirts: in short, we’ll have it all. And you want it all. Because if you can’t have it all, then what’s the point in having anything?




No, but really, if you see us, come over and say hi, whether you buy one thing or two (or five). It’s always lovely to do something that’s so “hands-on” (in a manner of speaking) with the fans we know and love so much. That’s why MCM is great. The Rice Digital store is a store that grew out of what was, and ultimately still is, “the number one site for Japanese game fans”. We’re a community with a great, competitively priced storefront, and not the other way around, and that’s something we’re not going to forget. We’re fans just like you guys, so we’d love to see you there.


Conversely, Samurai Warriors 4 comes out on Friday, during MCM. We’ve still got it for a great price with exclusive art cards. Why not pre-order it with us? The best way: the Rice way. Pre-order it here!



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