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Napping Princess Review (Anime)

Unlike Napping Princess’ protagonist, Kokone Morikawa, you won’t catch yourself falling asleep to this one. Napping Princess is an ambitious movie which takes place over two worlds, the real world and a dream-like world, with the latter only being accessed with Kokone is sleeping.   Napping Princess intertwine two different worlds together to create one […]Read More

Lu Over the Wall Review (Anime)

Lu Over the Wall is yet another work directed by one of my favourite directors, Masaaki Yuasa, and its produced by his own studio, Science Saru. As Yuasa’s work often is, it’s a strange yet heartwarming, relatable look at youth and growing up, and it’s incredibly beautiful.   Kai Ashimoto is a student with a […]Read More

Night is Short, Walk on Girl Review (Anime)

Back when I reviewed The Tatami Galaxy, I gave it a solid 5/5 score. Night is Short, Walk on Girl is by the same director, Masaaki Yuasa, and author, Tomihiko Morimi, and it features some of the same characters, but just because you enjoy one doesn’t mean you’ll like both anime.   Maybe it’s because […]Read More

Love Live! Sunshine!! Review (Anime)

Love Live! is a series that’s very dear to me, and season two had me bawling. Saying goodbye the girls of μ’s (muse) was always going to be difficult, but Aquors showed a lot of promise in their initial reveals, and so I was excited. Sunshine!! doesn’t disappoint, but it does feel incredibly similar to the […]Read More

Durarara!! x2 Ketsu Review (Anime)

Durarara!! is a complex anime that has jumped from strength to strength with its only real lull being in Shou, the second season’s first arc, but it quickly improved and culminated in Ketsu which is the best that the series has to offer, leaving it to end on a high note.   Following from the finale […]Read More

Kiss Him, Not Me! Review (Anime)

Having lost a lot of weight after becoming depressed at her favourite fictional character dying, Kiss Him, Not Me! follows Kae Serinuma as she unexpectedly finds herself to be the center of attention from a group of the school’s most popular boys.   She has a thing for boy love and, as the title suggests, […]Read More

Testament of Sister New Devil Season One Review (Anime)

When Basayo’s father remarries and he finds himself with two new step-sisters, it comes to a shock to him when the pair of them are demons. Hiding a secret himself, Basayo is able to overpower them and quash their threats but, as they’re family, they learn to love each other despite their blood saying that […]Read More

November Anime Release Schedule

Here’s our November anime release schedule guide! Even in this digital age there’s something to be said about buying anime, touching it with your excitable fingers, and putting it onto a shelf — ready to be watched again and again whenever you wish.   Looking for other November release schedules? Japanese Games | Manga | Light […]Read More

The Tatami Galaxy Review (Anime)

The Tatami Galaxy took a little while to grab me but when it did I then found myself thinking about it a lot and missing its unique cast, story and artwork, and it’s a show that stands out in the ever-growing sea of anime. Does the rose-coloured college life actually exist?   The Tatami Galaxy follows a […]Read More

Aldnoah.Zero: Season One Review (Anime)

Aldnoah.Zero: Season One is an anime that should’ve been a lot better than it ended up being, but the final product is one devoid of creativity – completely.   Aldnoah.Zero has a cool concept that sounded great on paper but the execution is poor. With wars waging, plenty of moral decisions and politics, and tension […]Read More