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Danganronpa V3 Gift Guide: What to Give Characters to Make

Why hello there my beary dear friends. Danganronpa is one of our favourite visual novel series. One of favourite elements are the “free time” sections that let you get to know each character a little better. Providing you hand over gifts they like, of course. And you do it before they die in the story. […]Read More

Amnesia Memories English Screenshots

It’s an exciting time for visual novels! Lots of people didn’t think we would see Amnesia Memories get a western release, but Idea Factory are proving us wrong! Amnesia Memories will be releasing digitally on PlayStation Vita in August, followed shortly after by a Steam release. It’s a shame it won’t be physically released, but […]Read More

Interview: Ryan Koons on HuniePop

After our recent review of the HuniePop dating sim, we have managed to get in touch with Ryan Koons, an ex-Insomniac developer, who was the main person in charge behind HuniePop. We got to ask him some questions regarding the development process, future plans and dating advice, and we got some really interesting answers.   […]Read More

HuniePop Review (PC)

HuniePop is a game that has got a lot of bad rep in the last few months, because of the whole Gamergate controversy, and unjustly so. It’s a dating sim title from a western developer, with quite a bit of sexual content. Still it adds something fresh by featuring a surprisingly deep tile-matching puzzle for […]Read More