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Dead or Alive 6 Tamaki Gameplay Shown

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have revealed that the Dead or Alive 6 Tamaki DLC will launch of March 10. Along with this news, we’ve got a first look at how she plays via Famitsu – as well as recommended moves and extra costumes. Check it out below!     Watch the Tamaki Gameplay:   […]Read More

Koei Tecmo Release Free-To-Play Title DEAD OR ALIVE 6: CORE

I personally really enjoyed DEAD OR ALIVE 6, with my review of the game stating that the game should not be slept on, whether you’re a returning player or a newcomer. So, I’m pretty excited that Koei Tecmo are allowing more people to play it with the release of a CORE FIGHTERS Edition.   This new free-to-play […]Read More

DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Review (PS4)

Our hearts have felt empty for a while. We have been sorely missing breast jiggling physics, hyper sexualised combat, and glorious fan service in our games. Never fear though, for our saviour is come, DEAD OR ALIVE 6 has arrived!   The story mode of DEAD OR ALIVE 6 is an interesting beast, combining a […]Read More

DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Interview with Director, Yohei Shimbori

There aren’t many games that I would mess with my week’s schedule to play, but fighting games will usually do it, especially if it’s this game and it comes with a DEAD OR ALIVE 6 interview with director, Yohei Shimbori.   Walking into the interview area I’m confronted by series director Shimbori dressed as Bayman […]Read More

DEAD OR ALIVE 6 delayed until March 1st 2019

Last year saw a phenomenal amount of new fighting games hit the market, and a continued upward trend of popularity of the fighting game eSports scene. 2019 is looking to exceed its predecessor with a large amount of big titles on the horizon, the first of which is the hotly anticipated DEAD OR ALIVE 6. […]Read More

Electrifying new character NiCO revealed for DEAD OR ALIVE 6!

2019 is already looking like a full card in the first half of the year with some huge announcements having already been made, but one that is gently but surely building my hype levels is DEAD OR ALIVE 6. With their slow trickle of character reveals, Koei Tecmo are continually building up my anticipation, which […]Read More

Bass, Tina, and Mila Returning in Dead Or Alive 6

I’m somewhat over-excited for Dead Or Alive 6 next year, a feeling that only cemented by seeing it played at EGX 2018 on the Playstation Access Stage. Koei Tecmo have kept the hype burning with a slow trickle of news regarding the game since it was revealed, and today have announced three returning characters for […]Read More

More Returning Characters And New Stage Announced For Dead Or

The hype train for Dead Or Alive 6 keeps on rolling on, with Koei Tecmo only recently announcing the release date of February 15th 2019. Koei Tecmo didn’t stop there though, revealing four returning characters and a brand-new stage for the  at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, which took place from the 20th until the 23rd September. […]Read More

Dead or Alive 6 Release Date Revealed

The Dead or Alive 6 release date has been revealed via a new trailer straight out of TGS 2018! Subbed in English, there’s plenty of gameplay on show. There isn’t too late now to wait to get your hands on the 3D fighter, as it’s releasing on 15th February, 2019.     Check out the […]Read More

Koei Tecmo Reveal Two New Characters For Dead Or Alive

I’m a massive fan of fighting games, and love myself a bit of DEAD OR ALIVE 5 from time-to-time. So, when Koei Tecmo announced DEAD OR ALIVE 6 I was already pretty much sold, and then the latter announcement of the loud-mouthed Jeet Kune Do martial artist, Jann Lee, only cemented the deal. Today, continuing […]Read More