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Strategy RPG Blue-Winged Chevalier Confirmed For Japan

Who doesn’t love a good dungeon RPG? The extensive labyrinths, the challenge in each battle, the satisfaction of finally reaching and defeating the dungeon’s boss … Sorry, we got a little lost there in first-person dungeon corridors, especially as Blue-Winged Chevalier has been confirmed for release in Japan.   Developer Experience have announced that this RPG […]Read More

A First Look at Rabanastre in Final Fantasy XIV 4.1,

Thanks to the steady hands of the very talented development team behind Final Fantasy XIV, we already had a pretty good idea of what the Final Fantasy XIV 4.1 patch would entail. But now we have more solid information, and screenshots — including a first look at Rabanstre from the Final Fantasy XII inspired Return to […]Read More

First Look at DanMachi Infinite Combate Screenshots

5pb announced earlier in the year that they were working on a dungeon crawler based on the popular anime Is It Wrong to Try Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (AKA, DanMachi). Now Famitsu have shared a first look at DanMachi Infinite Combate screenshots, showing us what to expect in the full game.     […]Read More