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Toukiden Kiwami Preview – The New Face of Monster Hunting

If not necessarily the premiere monster hunting game then Monster Hunter is at the very least one of the most prominent, owed in part due to its self-explanatory title. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate just came out to much acclaim. It’s a Nintendo 3DS exclusive, the series having abandoned Sony consoles after Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. […]Read More

Freedom Wars Story Trailer

Sony have just uploaded a new Freedom Wars Story Trailer today – which I thought I’d share with you here. Freedom Wars is the Shift/Dimps developed co-op adventure – with more than a faint whiff of Gods Eater about it – but then, since when was THAT a bad thing? Fact is, we’ve been looking […]Read More

Freedom Wars fights its way to EU and NA on

Freedom Wars, a Vita title in development by SCE Japan Studio, Shift and Dimps, is slated to release in EU and NA later this year. You take on the role of a prisoner, who was handed a million-year sentence when they were born, as you partake in rescue missions to slowly chip away at the […]Read More

Freedom Wars on PS Vita looks really good

I thought I’d write a little about Freedom Wars on PS Vita today – as I’m not seeing a huge amount being spoken about this, and it’s one of the games I’m most looking forward to this year. Originally called ‘Panopticon’ – this name actually refers to the underground cities in which the inhabitants of […]Read More