Kandagawa Jet Girls gameplay featuring Senran Kagura DLC

What better way to celebrate Marvelous’ just-launched Jet Ski racer than with some Kandagawa Jet Girls gameplay. If you’ve not been in the loop on this one – this is Senran Kagura creator, Kenichiro Takaki’s swan-song from Marvelous, as he heads off for pastures new. Presumably to make something new and lewd for somebody else. […]Read More

PS4 owners are the biggest perverts – and other things

Yes, that’s right – if you’re a PS4 owner, it’s fair to say* you’re a much bigger pervert than Xbox owners. Courtesy of the latest 2019 Porn Hub Stats release (an annual event I look forward to with worrying enthusiasm) we’ve broken down the tastiest morsels for you and applied some sweeping generalisations for your […]Read More

Xbox Game Pass is the Best Thing in gaming right

Last night was the XO19 event in London – Xbox’s annual event and a showcase for some of the treats we have in store for the foreseeable future. Now I’ve long been a champion of the Xbox One – less so for it’s lack of decent exclusives, but more for it’s dedication to backwards compatibility […]Read More

Trials of Mana characters revealed

If you enjoyed Collection of Mana as much as we did, then no doubt Trials of Mana will be one of your most anticipated JRPGs of 2020. However, outside of their E3 announcement, there has been little news on the details of this new entry in the Mana series – until now. Yesterday Square Enix […]Read More

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Switch Review

I’ve been enjoying Bandai Namco’s recent Switch ports a great deal. From SAO Hollow Realisation to God Eater 3 – these are games that, while originating on more powerful consoles, for me at least seem more convenient to play on Switch. I’ve been looking forward to this Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Switch Review for this […]Read More

The Best Japanese Games of the Steam Sale 2019

It’s like they planned it. Two days before pay day and BAM! the Summer Steam Sale hits, primed and ready to make July a financially miserable month for me. In honour of this epic, wallet-draining event, I thought I’d pick the Best Japanese Games of the Steam Sale 2019.   So I was thinking the best […]Read More

New Astral Chain Gameplay Trailer Impresses

Let’s be honest, you’d have to be pretty dead inside not to be excited by anything that Platinum Games puts out – and on the strength of this new Astral Chain gameplay trailer that sentiment looks set to continue. Their upcoming Action RPG for Nintendo Switch looks more and more appealing the more we see […]Read More