Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Switch Review

You’ll be hard pushed to find a Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Switch Review. I guess having already been out on PS4 for some time, people don’t feel the need to do one – it’s also one of those games that, honestly, not many people seem to care much about.   Given I’m not-so-secretly a massive […]Read More

How to get the Kotodama true ending – a guide

Seeing as it was raining on Sunday, I decided to get the Kotodama true ending. That is, the truest of true ending’s at the end of Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa. Not going to lie, it wasn’t the easiest of true endings to get and easily misable. Anyone who’s playing for a Platinum might […]Read More

Last Labyrinth VR project looks haunting

Now here’s a game I had almost completely forgotten about. First announced a couple of years ago at GDC – I recently stumbled on its reasonably successful Kickstarter. I’m pleased to say it’s come on quite a bit since its original showing and looks like it may shape up to be something very interesting.   […]Read More

Kamek in Mario Tennis Aces

A recent trailer release from Nintendo shows Kamek in Mario Tennis Aces – and with his arrival, all manner of trickery. Swooping in on his broomstick – he’ll be yours to play just as long as you play an online match, once, between April 1st and May 1st – just as you had to do […]Read More

Am I the only one that thinks Streets of Rage

So DotEmu released a teaser a couple of days back. I wasn’t massively impressed with the original reveal if I’m honest, but this latest trailer has helped crystalise my opinion that Streets of Rage 4 looks bad. Bad enough that it makes me feel sad that this art direction was ever approved in the first place. […]Read More

Closers PS4 release timing revealed

Finally some Closers PS4 news has come in. You’ve be forgiven for not being overly familiar with Closers. It’s currently a PC-only free to play MMORPG – with the defining feature of being more of a side scrolling beat-em-up. Think ‘Steets of Rage the MMO’, but er… not really. But sort of. But not really. […]Read More

Kenichiro Takaki’s new game teased

As you may have heard from our news on Wednesday, the Senran Kagura Producer recently left Marvelous. Kenichiro Takaki’s new game however won’t be with new employer CyGames, rather another project with Marvelous Entertainment, and details on this project have just come to light.   Speaking to Famitsu he teased a little concept art and […]Read More

Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists Review Switch

It’s kind of hard to write a Nelke and the Legendary Alchemists Review without trying to prefixing it with ‘Atelier’. When people have asked me what I’m playing, I start with ‘Ateli-‘ and have to check myself. This isn’t an Atelier game, not really. Yes, it’s in the Atelier universe – and oh-boy does it […]Read More

Croixleur Sigma Switch releases today!

Now here’s a blast from the past! Croixleur Sigma Switch releases today if you’re in Europe – and on the 21st if you’re in North America. You’d be forgiven for not knowing very much about this one as it’s somewhat obscure – but it’s well worth investigating if you’re so inclined.   I actually stumbled on […]Read More