Kenichiro Takaki’s new game teased

 Kenichiro Takaki’s new game teased

As you may have heard from our news on Wednesday, the Senran Kagura Producer recently left Marvelous. Kenichiro Takaki’s new game however won’t be with new employer CyGames, rather another project with Marvelous Entertainment, and details on this project have just come to light.



Speaking to Famitsu he teased a little concept art and a screenshot from the game.


Kenichiro Takaki new game 1



While Kenishiro Takaki’s new game project has yet to have a name – he did reveal a few details. Firstly this will be a multimedia project in that there is work on both game and anime simultaneously. True to form Kenichiro Takaki’s new game will also feature pretty girls – though the producer is adamant that it won’t have overtly sexual elements, with players unable to remove the girls clothes, for example.


Kenishiro Takakis new game 2


Aparently this project has been going for a year and a half, so no doubt it won’t be long until a more detailed reveal will be on the cards.

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