Last Labyrinth VR project looks haunting

 Last Labyrinth VR project looks haunting

Now here’s a game I had almost completely forgotten about. First announced a couple of years ago at GDC – I recently stumbled on its reasonably successful Kickstarter. I’m pleased to say it’s come on quite a bit since its original showing and looks like it may shape up to be something very interesting.


Currently slated for PS4 and PC – Last Labyrinth from Japanese Studio Amata, is an Escape Room adventure that looks very eerie and haunting. Check out the latest trailer below.



You play the part of a man strapped to a wheelchair for reasons unknown. You awake in what seems to be a mansion of some kind, with no means of escape. You then notice a young girl who is also trapped. Together you must find your way through a series of fiendish traps that will kill you both in a heartbeat.


Last Labyrinth VR


Easier said than done. As you are bound and gagged, your only means of communication is to point (via a laser pointer strapped to your head) and to nod or shake your head in order to get the young girl to solve the puzzles.




I particularly like the girl’s character design as well as the soundtrack. No word on a western release – or even Last Labyrinth’s official release date, but one to keep an eye on for sure.


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