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Tokyo School Life Releases Today On Switch!

We reported recently that the adorable visual novel, Tokyo School Life, was coming to Nintendo Switch this Valentine’s Day, and guess what day it is? That’s right, this title lands today, so you can romance girls in picturesque Japan!   Hop on a plane to Japan as an exchange student and spend your summer vacation […]Read More

PQube Introduce Us To The Lovely Tokyo School Life Girls!

Since the game was announced a few weeks back, we have been over-excited to hear more news about Tokyo School Life, going as far as to listen really hard here in the office, just in case new information slipped out.   PQube, Dogenzaka Lab and developer M2 are have today revealed the more information about […]Read More

Cave’s Dangun Feveron Coming to Japanese PS4s April 28th

Dangun Feveron that came out in the fabulous 1998 is going to get its first home console release on the Playstation 4. The title will release digitally in Japan and as of yet there is no mention of a western release.   This is just in time for the game’s 20th anniversary in 2018. M2 […]Read More

Sega 3D Classics Developer Handling Secret of Mana Switch Collection,

Fellow Sega fans and “retro-heads” (as we call ourselves), will be pleased to hear that M2 (the game developer well-known for their Sega 3D Classics Collection series on 3DS) will be handling the Switch’s Secret of Mana Switch Collection, Seiken Densetsu Collection.     Naoki Horii, the President of M2, recently revealed on Twitter that he’s […]Read More