Cave’s Dangun Feveron Coming to Japanese PS4s April 28th

Dangun Feveron that came out in the fabulous 1998 is going to get its first home console release on the Playstation 4. The title will release digitally in Japan and as of yet there is no mention of a western release.


This is just in time for the game’s 20th anniversary in 2018. M2 promises to deliver various features and improvements for this console release. First, there is the “M2 Gadget” which will make it easier to see the player’s score, remaining lives, number of bombs and other useful info. Then there is the “Super Easy Mode” for those that really need ease themselves into this type of game.



Of course, there will be a lot of stuff for the experienced players, like “Fever Mode”, “Custom Mode” and the “Arcade Mode”. You will be able to choose between a whopping four different soundtracks (arcade original, stereo, FM sound source arrange and VIP special arrange) for your hearing pleasure.


Not to mention online rankings, detailed customization options including vertical screen mode and difficulty settings, but also online rankings and other Playstation 4 Share features.


Stay tuned for more news of a possible western release.



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