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Raiden V: Director’s Cut Review (PS4)

Raiden is back with Raiden V: Director’s Cut, which is a 25th Anniversary edition. It brings the classic design back into play, with some nice new additions to spice up the already excellent action.     From the get-go, Raiden V opens with a great example of bad voice acting worthy of the PlayStation 2 […]Read More

The Shoot ’em up Castle of Shikigami Released on Steam

Here is some good news if you’re into classic shoot ’em ups! Degica has released Castle of Shikigami on Steam, a game originally released in 2001 in Japan. It was later localized in North America and Europe under the name Mobile Light Force 2 but.. forget about that.   When XS Games first localized Castle […]Read More

Cave’s Dangun Feveron Coming to Japanese PS4s April 28th

Dangun Feveron that came out in the fabulous 1998 is going to get its first home console release on the Playstation 4. The title will release digitally in Japan and as of yet there is no mention of a western release.   This is just in time for the game’s 20th anniversary in 2018. M2 […]Read More

Bullet Soul Heading to Steam April 7th

5pb. and Mages, the creators of such games like Steins; Gate, Robotics; Notes and Chaos; Head, announced they will be releasing their game on Steam, but this time it is a bullet hell aptly named Bullet Soul.     Bullet Soul will be available on April the 7th for the price of 1,480 yen. The […]Read More

DoDonPachi Resurrection Review – The Golden Era of Shmups Returns

We have an exciting release on Steam with Dodonpachi Resurrection, a modernized arcade classic. Cave, the prominent arcade shmup developer, with the help of Degica didn’t disappoint with this release, as it is packed with content and should bring about hours of fun.   As part of the Dodonpachi series of shmups, Dodonpachi Resurrection, or […]Read More

DoDonPachi Resurrection Coming to Steam 14th October

We get excited for every Cave shooter releasing on PC, and DoDonPachi Resurrection is no exception. It comes out on 14th October on Steam and we can’t be more hyped!   DoDonPachi Resurrection is the fifth game in the series and it was released in 2008 in the arcades. What followed was the release of Xbox 360 and iOS/Android versions […]Read More

Raiden V coming to Europe on May 11th!

The classic Raiden franchise is back with Raiden V. While the game launched in Japan on February 25th its worldwide release for the Xbox One is set to May 11th. The game will be simultaneously released in Europe, North America and Asia.     The Raiden series is a shoot-’em-up classic, released in the golden age of the age of the […]Read More

Murasaki – Shmup and Puzzle Fusion

Shoot ’em ups have been long known for their twitch based gameplay. Murasaki tries to do away with this expectation of the genre by introducing puzzle elements into the mix.         You will be able to use the enemies’ attacks against them. By shooting explosive blocks, for example, you can chain them […]Read More

Deathsmiles Review (PC)

Deathsmiles is Cave’s horizontally scrolling shoot-em up where you battle forces of evil as an angel, or better yet, a goth loli with a help from your familiar. It delivers a more friendly difficulty, while still retaining the original Cave formula. Not to mention its brilliant design and polish are all you might expect from […]Read More

Deathsmiles Coming to Steam March 10th!

Deathsmiles, a cult classic shmup from Cave, is getting a Steam release on March 10th. Cave is well known for their shmups like Mushihimesama, Espagaluda, DoDonPachi, Guwange, Ibara and many others.       In Deathsmiles, you take the role of one of five Angels tasked to defend the magical land of Gilverado from an […]Read More