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Touhou Double Dealing Character Review (PC)

We’ve already written about Touhou coming to the west and finally, for the first time in Touhou’s twenty year history we’ve got the honor to review its first official English release, Touhou Double Dealing Character.         Touhou Double Dealing Character is a fourteenth official Touhou game. Touhou is made by Team Shanghai Alice which […]Read More

The Unique, Over-the-Top Suguri Collection Is Available To Buy Today

We’re happy to announce some new additions to the Rice Digital Store, courtesy of Rockin’ Android.  Bringing together gameplay from both fighting games and shoot-’em-ups, Suguri and Acceleration of Suguri X-Edition HD are games that you don’t want to miss!     The Suguri series is the creation of the doujin developer Orange Juice, who were […]Read More