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Mario Kart Tour Mobile Game Announced

Nintendo has just announced that the next series of theirs to get the mobile treatment is Mario Kart, with Mario Kart Tour releasing no later than March 2019. It’s a little bit of a wait, but they’ve been on a roll lately with both console and mobile gaming, and it’s sure to be a lovely […]Read More

Super Mario Odyssey Musical Trailer is Wonderful

Nintendo has released a Super Mario Odyssey musical trailer featuring the game’s theme song, “Jump Up, Super Star!”, and it’s absolutely wonderful. Clocking in at 1:41, but far longer when you find yourself replaying it on loop, it’s hard not to smile at the game’s catchy, uplifting theme and visuals.     Check the trailer out […]Read More

Super Mario Odyssey New Trailer

With the long-awaited Super Mario Odyssey just two weeks away from its October 27th release date, Nintendo posted a new trailer for everyone’s favorite platformer. This latest five-minute trailer covers a lot of the game’s worlds and mechanics, showing everything from exploration to a bunch of mini-games.     Nintendo also noted that Super Mario Odyssey […]Read More

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Combat Trailer Released

Ubisoft has released a Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle combat trailer, with a look at some gameplay, weapons, and a surprisingly operatic boss. It still seems like a weird combination, but it does look pretty fun! Check out the trailer below:     The Mushroom Kingdom has been torn apart by a mysterious vortex, transporting […]Read More

Could Super Mario Odyssey be a Donkey Kong Prequel That

Mayor Pauline, a Donkey Kong musical reference, New Donk City. The city area in Super Mario Odyssey has many references to the original Donkey Kong game and the Donkey Kong series. But perhaps it’s more than a knowing nod? What if Odyssey is actually a prequel that’s rewriting the way we think of both series […]Read More

An Hour of Super Mario Odyssey Gameplay

Nintendo has shown off quite a lot of Super Mario Odyssey gameplay this week, and it’s looking nothing short of brilliant. Two videos, one from the show floor and one that isn’t, show off various worlds and much of the Wooded Kingdom. And a lot of hat possession!   The best thing about these videos […]Read More

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gameplay Looks Pretty Good

When leaks started pouring out of every orifice of Ubisoft studios, I was hesitant to think that a game mixing Mario and the Rabbids together could be good. Today at Ubisoft’s E3 conference, however, I was pleasantly surprised by how good that Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle gameplay actually looks.   Have a look at the announcement […]Read More

Mother Retrospective – A Look Back at One of Nintendo’s

When people think of the big Nintendo names, they probably think of Mario, Link, Chunky Kong, and all of the others that we’ve come to love over the years. Not enough people will say Ninten, Ness, or Lucas.       The Mother series is one of Nintendo’s crowning achievements and it’s a terrible shame […]Read More