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We reported earlier this year, during our coverage of the Paris Fan Fest, that FINAL FANTASY XV collaboration event was coming to Square-Enix’s hugely popular MMO. It’s now finally here, with a familiar face now appearing in Hydaelyn.   From today until May 27th 2019, the “A Nocturne for Heroes” event will be live. During […]Read More


We’ve just about calmed down from yesterday (male Viera pls),  and the Sunday of FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Fest 2019 in Paris has just kicked off with the reveal of a FINAL FANTASY XV collaboration with the popular MMO.   Set to go live in mid-April, so before the Shadowbringers expansion, this collaboration was announced […]Read More

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Gameplay Revealed at E3

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is the recently revealed PS4 version of the Arcade game. It’s being shown off at E3 this year, so people can get a good, solid look at the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT gameplay in action. Thanks to IGN, we can take a look at a chunky 20-ish minutes of the game […]Read More

Lonely Noctis: Solo Road Trip in Final Fantasy XV??

Final Fantasy XV is a long road trip story featuring the young prince Noctis and his 3 best friends. For those of you who ever dreamed of leaving the trio behind, here is the way to do it.     If you played Final Fantasy XV, you probably know that Noctis and his friends are […]Read More

Final Fantasy XV Review – And Now For Something Completely

10 years in the making, Final Fantasy XV certainly has a lot of expectations to meet. It provides a rare and unique experience for a big budget game, and one that sets it apart in the series. It’s a melting pot of ideas and themes that’ll come together for some more than others — possibly because […]Read More

Brooderhood: Final Fantasy XV Episode 3 Is Here

In Brooderhood: Final Fantasy XV anime series we take a look at Noctis and his friends from both the past and the present. There are actually some pretty touching moments in this third episode titled “Sword and Shield”.     Episode three is all about Gladiolus, Noctis’s childhood friend and guardian. In case you were […]Read More