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6 Great Manga Spin-Offs You Should Read

Sometimes you love a manga so much you’ve just got to go another level deeper, and continue the journey. That’s where manga spin-offs come in, carrying the torch of the main series. But giving it a little extra depth or a new, unique twist. There’s a lot out there, but here are 6 that we […]Read More

3 Arrested for One Piece Crimes

Three people have been arrested in Japan for crimes against One Piece. We all know that One Piece is a big deal, but I was surprised to see people getting arrested over it. The people in question allegedly violated the Copyright Act by posting One Piece scans online before they were even “published”.   The […]Read More

The Promised Neverland Video Game Announced

The Promised Neverland is one of the more recent manga to join Shonen Jump’s ranks. It’s a fantastic and thrilling horror/mystery series that sees a group of orphans try to unravel the secrets of the orphanage they’re in, which seems idyllic on the surface but, of course, is not what it seems. Now, a game […]Read More

Love Rush Cancelled After 14 Chapters, One of Shonen Jump’s

Starting in August Love Rush was not only given a Jump Start publication in Shonen Jump, but when then brought in a fully fledged Jump Series. Unfortunately after only 14 chapters and 2 collected volumes Love Rush is being brought to a close. It ends this week, in the current Jump issue.   The series […]Read More

Assassination Classroom Season 1 Review

The basic premise of Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu) is pretty simple — a class of “delinquents” are tasked with killing their teacher before graduation. Twist #1: their teacher is a bright yellow, tentacled monstrosity who has blown up part of the moon, and is threatening to do the same to Earth in just a year’s time. […]Read More

Bleach: Brave Souls is Out Now in the West on

Bleach: Brave Souls is a Free to Play mobile game that released in Japan in July 2015 to a lot of success, totalling up over 7 million downloads. More often than not a tonne of Japanese mobile games don’t head west, but this one is out now on both iOS and Android!     Bleach: […]Read More

J-Stars Victory VS+ Interview

Koji Nakajima on Bringing Games Overseas, Choosing Characters, and Popularity Growth in the West   My head is still spinning that J-Stars Victory VS+ is coming to the west. Naturally I jumped at the chance to chinwag with Nakajima-san about it! Read on:   —   First off, I suppose you get this question a […]Read More