The Promised Neverland Video Game Announced

The Promised Neverland is one of the more recent manga to join Shonen Jump’s ranks. It’s a fantastic and thrilling horror/mystery series that sees a group of orphans try to unravel the secrets of the orphanage they’re in, which seems idyllic on the surface but, of course, is not what it seems. Now, a game based on it has been announced!


Ryokutya has revealed that the 21st August issue of Weekly Shonen Jump will announce The Promised Neverland video game. It’s not uncommon for popular Shonen Jump titles to get video games in Japan — in fact, it’s more uncommon that they don’t.



There’s not much information on it yet, not ever a platform. Strangely, it seems that this will be a card game of some sort, though it’s unclear exactly what type, whether it’s TCG, gacha, or something else. It’s honestly a bit weird, as the type of manga it is doesn’t seem to naturally fit a card format, but we’ll just have to see!


I won’t go into too much about the plot of the manga. It’s still fairly early on, and I recommended everyone read it. It’s full of twists and turns, with some shocking moments, and some Death Note-esque “plan warfare”. It’s easily one of the most exciting and fresh things in Shonen Jump at the moment.



It might not be the full-on The Promised Neverland game we’d truly love (I’m thinking maybe a VN, or adventure game, possibly some sort of side-story), but it could be a good first step at continuing the growing popularity of The Promised Neverland. It’s super, duper great, and you should all read it at the very least.

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