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Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors – Stream Archive

Sometimes, the older games are best, some times they are not, and this is definitely one of the former. For one of our Fight Club Friday streams, we played the incredible Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors for a few casual matches, remembering while playing why this is one of the most beloved of Capcom’s fighting game franchises. […]Read More

Secret of Mana Remake Gets 10 Minutes of Footage

During this year’s PAX West 2017 we got to see the remake of the cult classic 1993 SNES JRPG, Secret of Mana, in action. The gameplay video covers the first 10 minutes of the game showing off some of the game’s unforgettable locations.     Aside from the evident visual upgrade the game will fix […]Read More

NieR Automata Stream – The Factory

Somehow Peter manages to struggle in this NieR Automata stream with Oscar! Thanks to some unfortunate situations, they only manage to make it through the tutorial section this time around. Whose fault is that? Definitely not Oscar’s. Maybe Peter will have better luck next time!     As usual you can follow us on YouTube […]Read More

Pro Gamer & Yogscast on Twitch at London MCM Comic

MCM was a great time, thanks everyone who made it out to see me and of course to see the trailer for my upcoming Pro Gamer recut short film that we are aiming to submit to Cannes.     Thanks of course go to all the people who have supported me so far – Tornado […]Read More

Steins;Gate Stream – Prologue

Steins;Gate came out last Friday. You know us, we can’t resist fiddling around with a game we’re so excited for, so we blew off work for a while and took a look at Steins;Gate’s prologue chapter, streaming it on Twitch. Now that stream has arrived elsewhere, on YouTube, available to watch in a non-live capacity. […]Read More