The Lost Child Switch Version Confirmed

NIS America has announced that players will be able to pick up The Lost Child on Nintendo Switch when it launches alongside PS4 and Vita later this Summer. Whilst owners of the two consoles will be able to pick it up both physically and digitally, it’s only arriving as a digital release on Vita.


the lost child switch


The Lost Child follows Hayato Ibuki, a journalist for an occult magazine, as he investigates mysterious suicides at Shinjuku Station. During his investigation, he’s attacked by a black shadow and is rescued by a woman named Balucia.


Given a case, which shouldn’t be opened, and finding the demon gun Gangour, a self-proclaimed angel named Lua approaches him as The Chosen One. Now Hayato is caught up in the battle between the angels and demons.


The Lost Child releases on Switch, PS4 and Vita this Summer.

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