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Death Mark English Trailer is Pretty Darn Scary

Death Mark is an upcoming horror game by developer Experience, and it’s releasing just in time for Halloween. In fact, it’s releasing on Halloween! The Demon Gaze developers latest game can be in your hands come 31st October, and it’s set to deliver plenty of scares.   Check out the game’s first English trailer below! […]Read More

Fate/Extella Link Switch Version Revealed

Marvelous has announced that there will be a Fate/Extella Link Switch version, and that it will be heading to Japanese shores on 31st January, 2019, along with new Puni-Puni costumes to battle in. These costumes make the characters look like giant chibis, and they are a tad terrifying.     These costumes are also coming to […]Read More

Root Letter: Last Answer is a Live-Action Remake

Kadokawa Games has announced, via the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, that the previously announced Root Letter: Last Answer will be a full live-action remake of the original game. There will also be new scenarios, and the game will make its debut on Nintendo Switch.   There is no gameplay just yet, but there are […]Read More

Persona 3&5 Dancing Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Atlus has confirmed that Persona 3 Dancing and Persona 5 Dancing will come with pre-order bonuses, which are Shinjiro Aragaki and Goro Akechi respectively. If you buy the Endless Night edition which includes both games, then you get both characters and their respective music tracks.   If you’ve forgotten, the Endless Night edition comes with […]Read More

Catherine: Full Body Trailer Sees Vincent Running for His Life

There’s a new Catherine: Full Body trailer on the scene, and Catherine and Katherine are both out for blood! We know that Full Body has a bunch of new content, and these yandere scenes are among the new characters, stages, cutscenes and dialogue that’ll be found in-game.     Check out the new trailer below! […]Read More

London Detective Mysteria Heads West this Winter

XSEED Games has announced that they will be bringing otome visual novel London Detective Mysteria, developed by Karin Entertainment, to Vita and PC later as a digital-only title across Europe and North America this Winter.     Play as Lady Whiteley (her first name is up to you) of House Whiteley as you investigate the mysteries […]Read More

Persona Dancing Games Are Coming West!

Sega and Atlus have taken to the PlayStation Blog to announce that Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight will be coming to the West early next year on both PS4 and Vita – the Vita still has life in it yet!     Watch the two trailers below – they’re […]Read More

Muv Luv Release Dates Revealed

PQube has announced that Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternative, which are widely-praised as a collection of three of the greatest visual novels of all-time, will be coming to Vita both physically and digitally on 8th June across Europe and 12th across North America.   Muv-Luv contains two games, Extra and Unlimited, with Alternative wrapping up the […]Read More

Punch Line Is Heading to PS4, Vita and PC

PQube’s worst-kept secret has been made official with anime-inspired game Punch Line confirmed for PS4, Vita and PC via Steam! Ads for the game started making their way around in physical copies of the recently released Gal*Gun 2, although at that point no platforms had been announced.     Check out the official announcement trailer […]Read More

Penny-Punching Princess Review (Switch)

Penny-Punching Princess features a princess who both batters her enemies and bribes them to do her bidding. Armed with giant fists and her trusty calculator, the Princess has put her kind heart aside to take down the corrupt Dragoloan family who are behind her father’s death.   In a world where cash reigns supreme and […]Read More