Xbox One Revealed

After the longest console generation spanning for over 7 years we finally have all the consoles revealed and hopefully ready to launch by the end of the year. Does Microsoft’s new console leave a lasting impression especially after the hype for the PlayStation 4 left by yesterday’s trailer?


Don Mattirck kicked of the presentation immediately showing new Xbox, called Xbox One. It might sound like a step back from the previous 360 name, but its name suggests that the console does everything in one box.



The console resembles the original Xbox and the Xbox 360 slim.


This time around the Kinect sensor is bundled with every console and supports 1080p video. It also works in complete darkness allowing you to play with the lights off if you want.


The controller looks very similar to the Xbox 360 controller, but under the hood over 40 changes were announced. The notable change are built in feedback into the triggers and a better d-pad, which hopefully will mean better fighting game experience.


As for the specs the new Xbox has 8GB ram, USB 3.0, built in Wi-Fi, a Blu-ray drive. It will be based on a 64bit system supporting variable power states. It is also said to be very silent during operation around four times quieter than the PS3 and Xbox 360.


Xbox One is said to have three operating systems: The Xbox system, Windows Kernel and a third OS connects these two to allow immediate switching.


The interface is similar to that of the Xbox 360, but now it features multitasking like in windows 8, where the screen splits into two. They demonstrated this with Skype in snap mode while watching a movie.


Voice recognition is back and better than ever. Now it allows you to turn on your console by simply saying “Xbox on”. Another addition is a feature that allows you to watch TV using Xbox One. Simply saying “Xbox watch TV”, turns on live TV. Saying a channel name allows you to quickly jump to that channel. The TV on Xbox also has something called Live TV allowing you to open information about the show you are currently viewing. They showed this by watching a basketball match and opening stats for each of the players.


Switching between TV, games, music, movies, internet explorer happens instantaneously allowing the Xbox One to really be the center of the living room.


Just like PlayStation 4 Xbox one brings integrated DVR to easily share videos.


Its confirmed that Xbox One won’t require an always online internet connection, but it does require you to be online at least once a day, even if you are planing to just play a singleplayer game. All games will have a mandatory install after which they will be playable without the disk. Inserting the disk into another console will require the user to pay a fee in order to install the game, thus reducing used game sales. This fee is said to be as high as the actual price of the game.


Microsoft announced their new partnerships with EA and NFL. EA unveiled a new game engine called EA Sports Ignite which will be used for future EA games.


Even though no new Halo game was shown, Microsoft announced that Steven Spielberg is making a Halo TV series.






Call of Duty Ghosts is said to launch exclusively on Xbox One coming later for other system.


Aside from these three videos, Microsoft announced 15 exclusives during the first year of the console, among which 8 will be brand new franchises.


As you can tell very little games were shown and none of them were played on stage. Those waiting for third party titles especially those from Japanese publishers will have to wait another 20 days for E3 where the real show-off between Microsoft and Sony will take place.

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