Akadot and Juné Website Announcement

 Akadot and Juné Website Announcement

I have some interesting news to share with yaoi and boys’ love fans! Juné, a publisher of boys’ love manga, and Akadot, an online manga and Japanese goods retailer, have announced they will be merging into one website! The announcement came mere hours ago via Juné’s twitter and Facebook pages.


Akadot and Juné Website Announcement


Both companies are divisions of Digital Manga, a company that licenses and releases, in English, Japanese manga, anime and related merchandise. Akadot has been the official store for Juné for many years and has been successfully selling Digital Manga merchandise since 2002. The move suggests that Akadot will now focus its attention solely on yaoi and boys’ love titles, which brings up questions on how Digital Manga’s non-yaoi titles will be sold. Juné goes on to explain that other divisions of Digital Manga that also promote boys’ love titles, such as Yaoi Club and 801 Media, will now come under the Juné name and will be sold on the same website. This slim-lining of subsidiaries comes as a much-welcomed surprise, especially as the websites to these very similar companies have looked abandoned for some time.



June is getting a makeover and becoming a one stop shop for all things yaoi! This means you will shop directly from out site from now on for print, digital, and even bundled deals of all you favourite June and 801 Media books! In addition to becoming a shop, June will have a new blog to keep you updated on all your yaoi needs along with an exclusive monthly newsletter to give all the details of upcoming sales and events.


Some international customers have expressed their worries over the merge. Although Akadot has proved itself to be a convenient site, many international fans have preferred to purchase their yaoi titles via Juné’s eBay page due to better shipping rates. Neither Juné or Akadot have provided details on pricing yet, although I expect such details will be made clear once the new website goes live.



As a long-time fan of Juné who also happens to be situated outside of the US, it is my hope that this website will be a success for the two merging companies and that yaoi fans all over the world will benefit from the move. I look forward to hearing more news via their upcoming blog and newsletter. I am also very much looking forward to their recent licencing announcements for 2017, which include The Prince’s Time by JUNKO, Eden’s Mercy by Velvet Toucher and the continuation of both The Tyrant Falls in Love and Twittering Birds Never Fly! Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


UPDATE 14/10/2016 – The website has now launched! Click here to view this beautifully designed site and buy all that hard to find yaoi you’ve been searching for! June is now encouraging customers to use the hashtag, #JuneSoftLaunch, to win prizes! More information can be found via their Facebook post.

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