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Years of Amazones is the title but what the heck is/are Amazones? I’m not too certain if this is correct, so i’m going to go with ‘Amazoness’ Arc System Works have announced their Dungeon RPG game for Nintendo 3DS will be released on 14th November 2013 and here’s the kicker… It will feature only female characters.




The story takes place in a prison on an all girls ‘prison planet’. You play as one of the prisoners and your goal is to escape from the planet. Exploring dungeons to find a spacecraft is your only means of escape. 2 of the characters have been revealed;




height – 161 cm,  bust size – 84 cm

Main weapons – hand gun, army knife

She has a cool personality and rarely smiles.  She behaves and talks like a soldier.




height-153cm, bust size-72cm

Main weapons – kunai, wakizashi, shuriken

She is a little shy girl.  She doesn’t like her big forehead.


The game is primarily a dungeon crawler, you capture and explore multiple dungeons but in certain areas there will be an event which will guide you on an adventure. You will battle other girls in the game and fighting will make use of a points system, you will use Action Points to battle and will have different strength attacks.


Source: Famitsu

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