Atlus Registers Several Persona Domains

Atlus recently held a survey where fans could say what they wanted next from the Persona series. They were considering a new Arena game, more dancing games, etc. Now, Atlus has registered Persona domains for most of these ideas. Whilst it could mean nothing, it could mean that Atlus are preparing more wonderful Persona spin-offs.


persona domains

The domains were listed two days ago on the 18th, and include the following:


  • (Likely to be Persona 3 Dancing, as previously hinted)


  • (Obviously dancing related, but not sure what it could be exactly)


  • (Likely to be Persona 5 Dancing — they do have dancing outfits in Persona 5!)


  • (Again, not sure on this one. It’s unlikely to be an updated version of Persona 5.)


  • (Likely to be the next Arena fighting game)


  • (Could this be a Persona racing game?!)


  • (Persona Q 2 might be a thing!)


Future mainline Persona games have domains now, too. Thanks to regularpanties on Twitter for finding out about this!


I’d personally be happy to have any of these, especially more dancing and fighting games — Ultimax left some plot lines wide open, and I’d love to see them come to a close. What would you like next from the Persona series? It’ll be a while until we get another mainline installment, but Atlus have set the bar incredibly high.

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