BUSTAFELLOWS launches summer 2021, Collector’s Edition revealed

PQube has revealed that BUSTAFELLOWS will be getting a Funstock exclusive Collector’s Edition on both Switch and PC, with game’s launch window set for this summer.

Priced at £54.99, this edition comes with a number of physical goodies, including a soundtrack CD and a magazine based on an item from the Japanese Deluxe edition. Of course, while the Switch Collector’s Edition will also include a physical copy of the game, its PC counterpart is instead bundled with a Steam key.

Bustafellows Collector's Edition

Collector’s Edition contents via PQube:

New Sieg People Magazine
An abridged version of the ‘New Sieg People Weekly’ magazine, as featured in the original Japanese Deluxe edition. Featuring original sketches, unique art and character profiles, the magazine has been localised to English and offers an intimate behind the scenes glimpse at the development of BUSTAFELLOWS and its captivating cast of characters.

Scarecrow Mixtape
Scarecrow’s Mixtape CD features 27 tracks from the BUSTAFELLOWS soundtrack. Recorded in Scarecrow’s secret studio, the mix includes ‘Novalis’, ‘Come and Get Me’, and many more. The main Theme ‘Novalis’ is interpreted by Kaito Ishikawa who voices Adam Krylov.

6 Art Cards
With stunning character and environmental art from renowned artist Sumeragi Kohaku, the BUSTAFELLOWS Collectors Edition includes 6 unique and dynamic art cards featuring the whole cast. These exclusive art cards were not part of the Japanese Deluxe edition.

Standard physical versions of BUSTAFELLOWS have also been confirmed for Switch, available at regular retailers.

BUSTAFELLOWS is one of fellow writer Lilia’s most anticipated upcoming visual novels, with 2021 looking to be a packed year for fans of the genre.

Read more about why you should get excited for this game in our full feature!

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