Chainsaw Man UT Collection is coming soon to Uniqlo

Today, the official Chainsaw Man Twitter account announced a collaboration with Japanese casual wear retailer Uniqlo, so you won’t be needing to make that contract with the Merch Devil.

The teaser movie depicts Denji in all his bloody, chainsaw-y glory, slicing the Uniqlo logo into ribbons.

Denji from Chainsaw Man with the Uniqlo logo
You show that logo who’s boss, Denji.

No details have been announced just yet, but we can hopefully expect some design sneak-peaks (as well as a solid release date) to come soon.

This news also comes before the official announcement of Chainsaw Man season two, but I think we can remain confident that it’s in the pipeline. Season one ended all the way back in December 2022, and fans have been left waiting in Hiatus Hell for a scrap of news ever since, but MAPPA is yet to officially announce the show’s continuation. But you wouldn’t drop an entire Uniqlo collection for an anime that’s been cancelled, right? Right?!

Chainsaw Man - logo
With art like this to work with, I have no doubt that the Chainsaw Man Uniqlo collection is gonna be fire.

The new Chainsaw Man line will be a Uniqlo UT collection, which typically include printed T-shirts, jumpers (or sweatshirts, for you lovely Americans) and more. Uniqlo is known for their UT collections inspired by anime, manga and games, as well as other popular franchises.

One of Uniqlo’s latest UT collections celebrates the history of Dragon Ball, which includes seven shirts as well as a Complete Box containing all available designs alongside some exclusive stickers.

Dragon Ball Uniqlo UT Collection, to give you an idea of what the Chainsaw Man collection may look like.
Some of my favourite pieces from the History of Dragon Ball UT Collection.

Here’s hoping that Chainsaw Man receives similar treatment, and that we can wear our love for our favourite Devil Hunters on our sleeves – fingers crossed Kobeni gets a shirt all to herself.

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