Comiket 88 Doujin Lineup

Comiket is one of my favorite events of the year since I get to see all the insane ideas that Japanese indie developers come up with. This year’s summer Comiket 88 was held from the 14th to 16th of August, and once again thanks to Edelweiss we have a list with a total of 52 games, both Touhou based and original ones.



The amount of Touhou titles is still standing strong. The amazing looking Touhou Gensou Sky Drift is back along with Pang, Age of Empires and Limbo inspired Touhou games.


The original titles are just as crazy as ever. There is YohjoSimulator where you play as a loli who headbutts random guys into buildings. Ace of Seafood is a weird title where you pilot a small fish and fire lasers at other incoming fish, squids and seals. Aside from these, there were original visual novels, realistic looking dungeon crawlers, tower defense games and an abundance of shooters.


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