Custom PS5 seller SUP3R5 cancels all orders, possibly had no stock to begin with

Another company has been foiled in their plans to create customised PS5s, disappearing from social media in the process.

SUP3R5 listed black PS5s, themed around the PS2, late last week, charging a hefty $649 per console.

They supposedly had 300 units available which sold out incredibly quickly — not surprising considering how hard it is to get a hold of the regular version.

The high demand meant that many people were running into issues when ordering, which SUP3R5 said it would deal with. However, a few days later, all orders have now been cancelled, and the @sup3r5official Twitter account is no more.

VGC has a screenshot of the original statement made by SUP3R5, which is also missing from the company’s site.

Unlike Customize My Plates, who ran into legal issues with Sony, it’s hard to tell whether this was actually a legitimate product being sold. The image used by SUP3R5 looks like a 3D render, and getting a hold of 300 PS5s seems near impossible.

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