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Hello everyone, and a very warm welcome to Rice Digital, whether you’re a new reader or a longstanding veteran of our comment sections and other online communities!

My name’s Pete, and I’m hugely excited to be taking over as site editor for Rice Digital today. With that in mind, I wanted to take the opportunity to say a proper hello to you all, and talk about my plans for the site and the broader community in 2021.

Here at Rice Digital, our official tagline is “The #1 Stop for Asian Games and Culture”, and my top priority is to ensure that we take that mission seriously. As many of you reading this doubtless know, quality professional-grade coverage of Asian video games and related popular media can sometimes be a bit hard to come by online, so my long-term goal for Rice is to make it a leading destination for those who want to read the most intriguing, enjoyable and fun stories about their favourite forms of entertainment — be it role-playing games, popular gacha titles, visual novels, anime, manga, figurine collecting, VTubers or any combination thereof!

Producing great coverage is, of course, a direct result of having writers who know what they’re talking about. As site editor, I’m delighted that there’s a great team of people working with me to help provide you with lots of cool stuff to read every day here on Rice Digital — plus I’ve got plenty of my own knowledge and thoughts to share with you too. As someone who has not only been fascinated by Asian video games and popular media for many years at this point, but who is also an old enough fart to remember when video games were little more than a bunch of blocks that went “bip-bip-biddle-boop” on a CRT television, I like to think I know my stuff.

Knowledge by itself isn’t enough, though; it’s also about respect. We know that all of our readers enjoy a wide variety of media — and that plenty of you reading this enjoy works such as fanservicey games and anime for much more diverse and wholesome reasons than certain quarters of today’s Internet might like to make out. We do too, so you can expect Rice Digital to be a place where all aspects of Asian popular entertainment — including fanservice-heavy and adult titles, as well as newer forms of media such as VTubers — will be taken seriously and treated with an appropriate amount of respect. No-one likes to be shamed for the things they’re into, after all!

I’d also love to hear from you. If there’s something on Rice Digital you’d like to see more of, be sure to let us know. Similarly, if there’s an area where you feel like we’re coming up a bit short that you’d like us to look into more deeply, drop us a comment. And if you enjoy what we do, please be sure to tell your friends! Share our articles on social media, get some discussions going — and most of all, have fun. Together we can build this into a great place to hang out and enjoy the infinitely fascinating world of video games and popular culture!

Thanks for reading — and once again, a very warm welcome to you all.

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Pete Davison
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