Cybernator homage, Gigantic Army coming soon

Nyu Media today announced that their next doujin release will be Gigantic Army, a side-scrolling mech-shooter that pays homage to 16bit classics like Cybernator – or Assault Suits Valken if you’s prefer. Personally, and I know I speak for many members of the Rice team, I am pretty psyched to see this get a Western release.


Fully localized by Nyu Media, Gigantic Army puts you in control of a ‘GMR-34 Saladin’ – a beefy armored mech designed for maximum carnage. Handy, when you’re landing on an alien homeworld with only total annihilation (and the safety of humanity) on your mind.




Gigantic Army is the latest Western release from the Asto Port stable. These are the guys responsible for Armed Seven and (my own  personal favourite) Satazius – so you basically KNOW it’s going to be something pretty special.


You can catch the trailer for Gigantic Army right here:


Gigantic Army will release on the 5th of February priced at a very reasonable $5.99. In the meantime, I would thoroughly suggest you head to the Steam Greenlight page and cast your vote to lend your support.


We’ll be play testing and posting our impressions on this little beauty in the coming days.


Why not try it yourself by downloading the demo RIGHT HERE!

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