Dragon’s Crown Pro’s Elf Trailer Readies its Arrows

Elf was my character of choice when I was playing through Dragon’s Crown on Vita, and she’s the most nimble character of the lot. Armed with a bow and arrow, Elf is able to lay siege to enemies from afar, and she has a bunch of melee attacks for enemies who unfortunately get too close.


elf trailer


If you’re looking to be quick on your toes whilst inflicting a decent amount of damage, then Elf is your character of choice. She might have less health than a few of the other characters, but that’s what the rest of your team is for, right?



Dragon’s Crown Pro will release exclusively on PS4 in Japan on 8th Februrary, 2018, and it seems that there will be an announcement of it heading West soon if PlayStation Experience 2017 leaks are to be believed.

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