Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry Review (Anime)

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is the second Fairy Tail movie, following Phoenix Priestess, and it follows an original story not written by series author Hiro Mashima. Set before the final arc of the series, Dragon Cry focuses on the Fairy Tail guild as they recover the Dragon Cry, a powerful staff, from the Kingdom of Stella.


Although they secured the staff, it’s quickly taken back from them when they get ambushed shortly after the fact, and Natsu finds himself at the mercy of brainwasher Zash Caine. Angered at being used and being unable to protect his friends, Natsu searches for his friends once more before setting out on a journey to recover the Dragon Cry.


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Big fans of Fairy Tail will love Dragon Cry which is high praise for this movie.

Big fans of Fairy Tail will love Dragon Cry which is high praise for this movie. Those not familiar with the series, or not fans of the shounen genre, may not warm up to it so easily but the epic fight scenes and seeing the magical Fairy Tail guild in business once again is lovely – the series may still have the final arc to adapt, but after that I hope we see more original movies! The new characters, especially Sonya, are great and fit right in, and Dragon Cry introduces and completes a new arc with a satisfying conclusion.


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A-1 Pictures always do a stellar job and Dragon Cry is Fairy Tail looking at its very best. There’s quite a lot of fan-service but those who’ve followed the series will already be familiar with this, although it certainly makes it a little less safe to watch in the living room. Dragon Cry is gorgeous with engaging fights, great character designs and some entertaining visual humour, so there’s plenty of good stuff for fans to take in.


Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry has been on Netflix for quite some time now but, sadly, there is no English dub, so I opted to wait for the home release. I’m a big fan of the likes of Todd Haberkorn, Cherami Leigh, Colleen Clinkenbeard and Erica Mendez, and they do a job worth waiting for. As always, the option between English and Japanese is welcome, and the soundtrack does a serviceable, if not all that memorable, job at providing decent background noise.


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It’s more Fairy Tail and, as a fan myself, that’s all I wanted from Dragon Cry

Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is one for fans and as it happens so late in the series’ story, it’s hard to recommend to newcomers despite being a standalone adventure. It’s more Fairy Tail and, as a fan myself, that’s all I wanted from Dragon Cry. To see Natsu and his friends take on powerful enemies, touch on a few emotional beats and deliver on some good humour is what I was looking for, and Dragon Cry doesn’t disappoint.

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