Falcom virtual concert revealed for June 24, “special announcements” teased

New Game Plus Expo has announced that it is collaborating with Falcom to hold a free virtual concert later this month.

Unfortunately for those of us in Europe, the concert starts at 6AM BST/7AM PT on June 25. A little early, but it should hopefully be worth watching.

Outside of celebrating 40 years of Falcom games and their music, the concert will also feature a message from company president Toshihiro Kondo, along with “special announcements”.

Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that any localisations will be revealed during the event. However, NIS America retweeted New Game Plus Expo’s announcement, with new merchandise set to be released once the concert is over.

There are two main candidates for games that could be announced next week — Hajimari no Kiseki and Nayuta no Kiseki Kai. The former seems most likely, though either would be welcome reveals.

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