New Game+ Expo returns next month

 New Game+ Expo returns next month

New Game+ Expo is back once again for 2021, opting to go with a virtual event for a second year thanks to the ongoing pandemic.

Running for a single day on March 4, it’ll showcase titles from a number of prominent publishers of Japanese games, including NIS America and Aksys Games.

Last year’s New Game+ Expo brought some exciting announcements, including English Ys IX and the world premiere for Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2, so there should be at least a couple of reveals to look forward to next month.

The publisher to watch will probably be NIS America, mainly in regards to Falcom games. We’re still waiting on a release date for Trails of Cold Steel IV on PC, and Ys IX on both PC and Switch after all. There’s a slight chance of a Hajimari no Kiseki localisation announcement too, but it’s far from guaranteed.

Streams for New Game+ Expo should be available both on YouTube and Twitch, with individual publisher and game announcement videos being released on the former afterwards.

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