Bravely Default II reintroduces brave and default system

 Bravely Default II reintroduces brave and default system

Nintendo has released a new trailer for the upcoming Bravely Default II, introducing players once again to the namesake Brave and Default mechanic.

The trailer features a surprisingly passive-aggressive narrator, who explains that using the Brave and Default commands effectively is key to victory.

“Default” acts as as a block, while also generating 1 extra brave point — otherwise known as BP. Most actions cost 1 BP, and it’s possible to queue up multiple actions in one turn via the “Brave” command.

As shown in the trailer, spamming Brave all the time will often lead to deaths — though if this is anything like the past two games, it’ll still be effective on certain jobs.

For a more hands-on experience, a “Final” demo for Bravely Default II is still available on the Nintendo eShop. It should give you a decent idea as to what you should expect from the full game when it launches on February 26.

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