Work Experience Boy’s Gangsta Episode 1 Review: Naughty Boys (Anime)

I would like it known before you read this – i am not an avid watcher of anime, and would not normally be watching shows like this, that being said I very much enjoyed it and will be watching the next episode soon.


Being a first episode of Gangsta it did not overload you with plot, there was  single story line to follow. Your main characters to worry about are the “handy men”, Worick who wear’s a permanent eye patch, and Nicolas who is deaf. They form a mismatch team of freelance fighters that are shown as professional through a display a display of fighting scenes in which neither of them are even scratched.


They are referred to by many of the characters as “Dogtags”, obviously a position that carries a prestige. It is also notable that only Nicolas wears his dogtag as well as doing most of the fighting, we don’t see Worrick engaged in hand to hand combat at all in this first episode.


Gangsta Episode 1 Review


Plot Spoilers

A girl named Alex seems to catch the attention of our protagonists many times throughout the first episode. Alex is freed from her “owner” Barry when Worick puts a bullet through him, and I could never have expected Alex to pick up the gun that has been used to kill her, much less was I expecting her to shoot Barry’s dead body. The way that scene was framed forced me into believing she would attack Worick for Ending the only person that would take her, or commit suicide because she had nothing left to live for, I even made assumption of how Nicolas would stop her from doing either of these things.


When the police called on the handymen to eliminate the gang they choose not to kill her but to take her home and presumably protect her, this reveals to us that they are not just mindless people killing for money but they care about the people they affect. Captain Chad mentions that one of them grew up on the streets, maybe this is why they are so open to let a woman that is practically a stranger join them, because they can relate to her.



worwick Gangsta Episode 1 Review


Captain Chad is an officer that does not want to leave  the destruction of Barry’s gang to chance even though he has been told to stay out away from the subject he is willing to pay a large sum toward the destruction, this is the sign of a desperate cop and i would not be surprised if in later episodes he turns to the “handy men” again for more personal business. His assistant Codey seems like a person that has recently enlisted, because he was oblivious to the fact that Nicolas was Deaf.


This anime very serious, there are no humorous moments, and the violence scenes manage to be graphic while never focusing on anything specific.


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