Hump Day Husbandos: Bartolomeo (One Piece)

Hump Day Husbandos

If I was to name just one video game that I am really looking forward to in 2023, then it would be One Piece Odyssey. Set to release on January 12, 2023, I wanted to cover the IP in some way to celebrate its upcoming release. Here’s to Bartolomeo, yet another underrated but very much appreciated character of mine from the series.

Who is Bartolomeo?

Bartolomeo from One Piece

First appearing in episode 633 and chapter 705, Bartolomeo is the captain of the Barto Club Pirates. With his arrival occurring within the Dressrosa Arc, he added some much-needed comedic relief during the escalating events Doflamingo caused. As a popular character from the show despite such limited screen-time and as a supporting character in a handful of its movies, it’s no surprise as to how and why Bartolomeo is as appreciated and adored as he is.

Why we love him

Bartolomeo from One Piece

Bartolomeo is highly entertaining right from his initial introduction. He is a great example of a bait and switch character, one who is purposely designed to scream “villainous!” from his looks alone — and this is further perpetuated by the Colosseum announcer and his backstory from before his pirate days.

His juvenile appearance blindsides his defining character trait of being a fanboy for the Straw Hat Pirates, and his powers from the Bari-Bari no Mi (Barrier Barrier Fruit) being defensive feels ironic considering his explosive personality.

He also happens to be yet another stand out of the “jerk with a heart of gold” archetype. He not only retaliates against those who harm his crewmates, but also protects the crowd who hates him during the Colosseum fights, and even aids people who are not Luffy at times, such as when he assists both Bellamy and Rebecca.

Why you will love him

Bartolomeo from One Piece

Bartolomeo is downright hilarious. In the way that he entices the Colosseum crowd to hate on him by throwing fake-out bombs or peeing mid-fight, he is arguably the biggest troll ever within the One Piece universe. As the #1 fan of the Straw Hats, he is an affectionate parody of the most diehard of One Piece fans whilst actually holding his own and proving his worth. Traversing through the Grand Line without a navigator says enough; getting to the New World within a year as well as making a name for himself from his reputation alone goes to show just how capable and impressive he can be.

Additionally, his idiotic tendencies never get tiresome or boring. His crew ship resembles the Going Merry as a bootleg version, which he calls The Going Luffy-Senpai; he never fails to be unapologetically rude to anyone who is not a part of the Straw Hat Pirates; and his strikingly eye catching mohawk explains the origins of Nico Robin nicknaming him “Rooster-chan”. Bartolomeo remains one of the greatest additions to the wide array of characters within this ever-expanding universe. Not only does he not care about what others think of him, but he will do anything to protect those he cares about despite his carefree attitude.

He also happens to be fiercely loyal, which is relatable to me in how loyal I am to his voice actor, Showtaro Morikubo – that’s Okita from Hakuoki, Gilbert from Piofiore, Impey from Code: Realize and Toa from 7’scarlet. We love him.

You should really learn to appreciate him to if you have not already. Do so at Crunchyroll.

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