Hump Day Husbandos: Bazz-B (Bleach)

Hump Day Husbandos

I’m back at it again with another questionable favourite, and it probably won’t be a surprise to anyone that Bazz-B is one of my most underappreciated favourites within Bleach. Just look at him.

But with plenty more notable candidates to choose from for this column from the series I implore you to hear me out. Since the reboot of Bleach’s final arc is still going strong, I’m directing your attention to a worthwhile element of it right here and now with said featured character. He’s not just the Grimmjow of Bleach’s finale arc, I promise. Let’s get right into it.

Spoilers ahead.

Who is Bazz-B?

Bazz-B is a member of the Sternritter, the antagonistic group of the Thousand-Year Blood War arc who are lead by Yhwach. Bazz-B has the unique ability of Fire Manipulation and represents the H epithet within the group, meaning “The Heat”. It’s pretty on the nose and serves multiple meanings, which we will get into shortly. For now, his design and personality perfectly exemplifies this elemental symbolism.

He is your quintessential “fiery redhead” (this type is what I live for). He’s a delinquent in both style and in the way he carries himself what with his tendency to run his mouth, quip at his enemies, even towards the strongest of characters within the same space he accompanies, and brings a lot of heat directed at himself for being ironically hot-headed.

It’s all pretty standard stuff… until it’s not.

Why we love him

Bazz-B comes across as one of the most underappreciated characters within the series. Firstly, he has a splendidly focused and memorable character arc. What we take in of him initially is someone who is quite ruthless and volatile in nature. But this is understandable once you consider his backstory which is filled with misfortune, betrayal and abandonment.

To further reinforce this, his character acts as a contrast to Renji despite their surface level similarities. Their upbringings run parallel but due to unfortunate circumstances, Bazz-B is led into becoming a part of Yhwach’s own evil schemes and desires.

Ultimately, Bazz-B is Renji if he was a villain. Their personalities and style complement one another, and he even ends up bonding with both Renji and Rukia when the tables turn during the war. It’s extremely wholesome while it lasts because Bazz-B can never catch a break.

Why you will love him

Bazz-B from Bleach

It caught me by surprise just how tragic of a character Bazz-B really is. The world and the events that affect him beat him down at each and every turn of his life. He never had a chance to change it all around or even leave a lasting mark in the end. Right out of the gate he watches his family die, finds a home once more within the Sternritter only for it to be taken away from him again. This kicks up his drive for vengeance just when he had been coming to terms with it, only for it to ultimately lead to his untimely death as he reflects back on failing to accomplish the few goals he had in his life.

It’s all depressing enough, but it’s made even more painful by the very few hints we see of his kinder side. For example, he took care of Haschwalth when they were kids and even apologises for killing his enemies, and points to having to take orders to do so during the war arc. He even changes allegiances upon being reminded of who the true evil is, only for him to be too deeply involved at this point to really have the chance to save himself. Bazz-B is a victim of circumstances and a prisoner of fate.

While having such a downer of an exit, he goes out like a champ in how he complements his old friend despite their differences. This is made all the more poignant in how his character comes full circle with his development starting from feeling dismissed by those around him to gracefully accepting his defeat against his former friend. My man deserved better.

Watch the season now on Crunchyroll. It’ll be worth seeing Bazz-B finally be animated.

Header art by namakemono. Original source here.

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