Little Witch Academia Sucy Nendoroid Comes with Llamba Version & Awesome Mushroom Accessories

Studio Trigger’s Little Witch Academia is a fantastic anime series, and one of the best looking in recent years. The excellent visual design even translates well outside of the anime, especially to Nendoroid. Alongside the already announced Akko, a Sucy Nendoroid has also been announced — her poison mushroom obsessed dorm mate!


And that’s not all, they’ve also confirmed that Lotte will be next! Though, no images yet. But let’s take a look at all the goodies the Sucy Nendoroid set is packed with!




As well as mushrooms she can hold, she also comes with mushroom that attaches to her base to create a very fun(gi) scene! Sucy looks great alongside the Akko Nendoroid, and Lotte is coming soon too!



Sucy’s own unique Luna Nova uniform has been wonderfully recreated and it looks great! It even wisps up at the bottom, just like the creepy, dark witch that she is.





It even comes with the llamba version of Sucy from inside her own subconscious, the “Sucy who wants to spit on the world”.




As well as her normal face, she has a happy mushroom obsessed face too! And even a cloaked over sleeve!




And a third, evil face! Here she’s holding a flask accessory after having grown a futaba sprout on poor Akko’s head! The futaba is another accessory that comes with the Sucy Nendoroid.




The five accessories are joined by some “additional mushrooms” exclusive to orders from the Good Smile Store.


So all in all the Sucy Nendoroid comes with:

– Normal face

– Happy face

– Evil face

– Wand

– Mushroom for base

– Mushroom for holding

– Flask

– Futaba sprout

– Additional mushroom (Good Smile exclusive).


Reservations on the Sucy Nendoroid begin on the Good Smile Store on the appropriate date of Friday 13th, tomorrow.

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