Love Live! School idol festival 2 global launching, shutting down later this year

In a strange move, Bushiroad has revealed both the start time and end date for the global version of Love Live! School idol festival 2.

School idol festival 2 will launch globally for android and iOS during February 2024. However, despite not having a set release date, Bushiroad also announced that the game will shut down on May 31, 2024.

“Future” is probably not the best description

Designed as a sequel to the previous mobile title that was shut down mid 2023, School idol festival 2 has actually been available in Japan since April 2023. However, with the Japanese version of 2 closing on March 31, there’ll be a brief period time where the global release is the only playable version of the game.

Gacha game closures are nothing new, with multiple seemingly happening every month. But announcing the closure of a game alongside the release window is something unheard of. It also puts into doubt whether it’s worth supporting any future live-service Love Live! titles.

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