Magical Days Pre-Registration Subscribers Breaks 3 Million

The number of Magical Days pre-registration subscribers recently broke 3 million within 3 days of opening! Magical Days the Brats’s Parade is an upcoming smartphone game from Cybird. You can watch the games most recent overall PV below:


The more details that are revealed about this game, the more interesting it looks. Although it would be easy to assume it’s standard otome fare from the cast line-up, Magical Days is a unique looking title. It’s actually styled more as a puzzle game, with some adventure and RPG elements based on how well you play.


The puzzles are of the ‘match symbols to dissolve strings of them for points’ variety. You line up a string of matching symbols within a certain time frame, and then your characters will attack. Presumably, the better your score, the more damage you deal. Furthermore, the different colours of symbols correspond to different characters. If you want a particular character to attack more, then it’s good to rack up a high number of points for his colour.


Battles gain experience for the different characters, and you progress them along a Final Fantasy-style skills board to teach them new abilities and improve their stats.


To top off the gameplay elements, there are opportunities to watch the daily lives of the characters. Given the game’s huge cast, an opportunity to learn more about each of the characters certainly won’t go amiss!


Magical Days pre-registration

With a battle system that’s definitely an interesting twist on an otome game, and scores of pretty boys at your command, Magical Days is definitely a title to watch! I can see the game being very popular if it gets a western release (and I hope it does).


Magical Days the Brats’s Parade is currently in the pre-registration phase, but is due for release winter this year.

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