6 Otome Mobile Games For Getting Steamy On The Go

We all love an otome, but unfortunately we can’t bring our Switches everywhere we go (though not for lack of trying). But worry not! Mobile games have come a long way in recent years, and can often provide you with an optimal experience for all kinds of games, but especially those of the visual novel variety.

If you’re out and about but still looking to get your fix of cute anime boys, take a look at these tempting otome titles you can play from the comfort of your phone!

Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger - otome game

This mobile game was all the rage when I was a teen. Mystic Messenger is a visual novel and interactive messaging app, where mysterious male cuties are looking for something more than a buddy to chat with…

Build your relationships with your favourite husbandos, receive phone calls and texts from your suitors, and explore a branching storyline with multiple endings!

You can download Mystic Messenger from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Ensemble Stars Music

Ensemble Stars Music - otome game

This immersive rhythm game that follows a variety of young ideals setting out to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. Hit the beats alongside the performances of 49 unique idols and prepare them for stardom!

Ensemble Stars Music is the sequel to Ensemble Stars! Basic (though they share the same story, characters and card), and features 3D live scenes and even a voice cast – quite the luxury for a mobile game.

The game is available now on the Google Play Store, and is coming soon to the Apple App Store.

The Arcana: A Mystic Romance

The Arcana: A Mystic Romance - otome game

Otomes often come with an unfortunate side-helping of compulsive heterosexuality. Luckily, The Arcana: A Mystic Romance doesn’t have this problem!

This luxurious visual novel takes you into the world of Vesuvia as a young tarot card reader who gets mixed up in a murder-mystery, and also surrounded by cuties who want to get to know you better. The game includes pronoun customization and romance routes for both men and women that you can explore through 21 unique episodes!

You can play The Arcana now via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Love Unholyc

LoveUnholyc - otome game

You are an “Unholyc” – the offspring of a human and a devil, with the power to charm and seduce those around you to do your bidding. However, in an attempt to complete a coming-of-age ceremony, you’ve accidentally formed a contract with three dashing humans.

Get to know all three men via real-time phone calls and video chats and decide which ending you want; would you prefer something happy and pure, or dark and smutty…? The choice is yours.

Check out LoveUnholyc on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store!

Dangerous Fellows

Dangerous Fellows - otome game

Get cozy in a zombie apocalypse with Dangerous Fellows! This visual novel dating sim takes you through a thrilling romance with five hot guys who’ve saved you from certain doom. Get to know each of them and build your relationships via crucial dialogue options, and hopefully love will be all you need to survive.

This game even features a cute SD character creator with unique outfits to dress up Y/N with!

Check it out for yourself on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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