Hump Day Husbandos: Bulat (Akame Ga Kill!)

It has been a while since I gave much thought to Akame Ga Kill!, an anime show I started watching initially for the allure of witnessing someone always be up on the chopping block – Danganronpa style. But the reason for me ultimately sticking with the show became just to see the one and only Bulat. That’s right, Akame Ga Kill!’s Mr Fanservice himself is taking the spotlight for today’s Hump Day Husbando piece.

Akame Ga Kill! released in the Summer of 2014. With its major pull being the ruthlessly sudden disposing of the majority of its cast it made the rounds on the Internet as one could expect for such a shocking and downright brutal set-up that’s chock full of the bloodiest of bloodbaths for its battles. And since our Waifu Wednesday for this week represents an “older sister” type of heroine whose bond with another character due to said dynamic being of massive significance, it only makes sense to explore a gender bent version of that kind of dynamic here, right?

Spoilers are mentioned.

Who is Bulat?

Bulat is an ex-Imperial Officer and a high ranking one at that. He would later be known as “100 Man-Slayer Bulat” for his achievements in being able to down numerous foes in a single battle, effectively making him quite the formidable one man army.

But he would defect from the Empire after learning of their corruption which would ultimately lead him into joining the team of assassins who work for the Revolutionary Army – the Night Raid. Their shared goal is the unification of the Empire’s order through the overthrowing of the Prime Minister, the exact organisation its main character (and apple of Bulat’s eye) Tatsumi becomes involved with. Bulat is there to welcome him with open arms – much to Tatsumi’s own dismay and our viewing pleasure.

Why we love him

Let’s get this out of the way first and foremost since this will be quite the short but sweet write-up for a man whose involvement in a show is exactly that as a sum-up. Bulat plays quite a minor supporting role within Akame Ga Kill! because unfortunately, he’s just another character who drew the short straw to reinforce character development for its main character.

Other than serving up some of the funniest moments from the series thanks to the sheer chaotic campness he manages to deliver despite how little screentime he gets, Bulat’s role in the series is as minimal as one could get. It doesn’t mean that he’s not memorable or significant however, even if he’s frequently reminding us of his existence with his simple desire of being in the same room as Tatsumi and breathing the same air he does.

His role and dynamic with Tatsumi is a vital one at that as not just a brotherly bond but for being a mentor to him. It’s perfectly reasonable as to how and why Bulat does such a good job mentoring since the hunk is easily one of the friendliest members of Night Raid. He’s the warmest member to welcome Tatsumi in its ranks after all.

Why you will love him

But he’s not just a good guy who knows how to tickle our funny bone. He’s also been described (or more like self-described) as hot-headed, passionate and determined, which are all very well represented whenever he’s in the heat of the moment of any given battle. If he’s not dishing out some considerate guidance to Tatsumi during his training he’s instead showing just how battle-hardened and badass he really is.

The most obvious moment of this is with his last hurrah, as not only does he body poison like a boss for as long as he can (which is not at all helped by being one of the most tragic deaths of the show considering who his opponent is), but he does not knock on heaven’s door until he manages to use his final words on further instructing Tatsumi on how to properly utilise his hand-me-down of an ability. What a guy.

Is it also unnecessary to say that his pompadour design alone is all the reason you need to love him? I’m a firm believer that this was needed to be said. Appreciate his impeccable manliness in all its glory via its more readily available manga now.

Lilia Hellal
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