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Cherishing Cheritz: A deep dive into otome’s underappreciated company

Certain otome developers have been in hot water recently, what with newer releases having botched translations (tsk, tsk, tsk Aksys) and the disappointing removal of mobile only titles making them impossible to be played ever again (tsk, tsk, tsk Solmare). These unfortunate incidents have brought about a microscope lens homing in on certain developers, with […]Read More

4 free otome games you need to play right now

I, like many of us I’m sure, got into the otome genre through the always expanding, always informative depths of the internet. My first exposure to the genre was with the freeware classic RE: Alistair, an early otome piece developed by the well-known developer sakevisual. Before Steam became the Amazon of PC gaming, sites such […]Read More

Piofore: Fated Memories Releases October 8 In The West

Aksys Games have revealed that Piofore: Fated Memories will be releasing early October in the West, along with a set of art cards. The exclusive cards will be available in the first run of the otome game on Nintendo Switch, and each one features a different main character. The box art has also been revealed […]Read More

5 Otome Side Characters We Wish Were Love Interests

Otome games are full of endearing and beloved characters you’re meant to fall head over heels for, but what happens when you’re falling for an unobtainable side character? This phenomenon has been coined by fans as the otome side characters syndrome, and it’s truly awful to have to experience. From the female best friends, to […]Read More

Dangerous Relationship Releases on Switch

Dangerous Relationship is an otome visual novel from Dogenzaka Lab, initially released back in 2016. The game probably isn’t as dark as the title sounds, the danger it’s referencing is actually the danger of keeping your relationship a secret when dating a celebrity. Here’s a brief summary of the story, from Steam: You finally land […]Read More

3 Brilliant Otome Hidden Gems on Steam

Otome games are available on many different platforms, from consoles, to handhelds, to mobile devices, and Steam store, it being the place to go for a plethora of hidden gems. Here we hope to cover a few otome games available only on PC and purchasable through Steam, all at very attractive price points while also […]Read More

Love Letter from Thief X Is The Latest Otome Heading

You’ll be able to get your hands on Love Letter From Thief X by Voltage in July! The visual novel will be heading to the eShop on July 9, but you can currently play it on the App Store or Google Play if you can’t wait. Love Letter From Thief X Opening Movie A description, […]Read More

Cafe Enchante Coming West In November

Aksys have revealed that Cafe Enchante is on the way to the west in November on Nintendo Switch! The news was revealed during the New Game+ Expo, and came along with a trailer that we’ll share below. The game is out already in Japan, so it’s nice that we’ll be able to play it soon […]Read More

The Top 10 Otome Husbandos Ever

The otome genre of video games has a main focal point of its storytelling having the player character (often termed as the ‘heroine’) being paired off with a love interest (LI). Such a major factor means that we are offered many different characters we are meant to fall in love with, and maybe even obsess […]Read More

Chou no Doku -Ripple Effect Stories- Released On Mobile

The well known and well adored otome game “Chou no Doku: Ripple Effect Stories” has been released on Android and iOS devices by AbracadabraGames. For the first time ever available for Western audiences, an English translated port of the original game “Chou no Doku, Hana no Kusari (蝶の毒 華の鎖)” on PC from 2011 has been […]Read More