Natsuiro High School Gets Creepy

Step back Akiba Strip, there is a new challenger in town. The newest trailer for Natsuiro High School has out protagonist calling up the Tourism Association to see what he can do during the summer he will spend on the island. The banter between these two is hilarious, because our protagonist is quite the pervert.



Guide: It’s convenient to have a bike around here. Do you have one?
Protagonist: No, but don’t worry I’ll manage!
*proceeds to steal a bike and ride it away*


Guide: Do you have any hobbies?
Protagonist: Hobby? Maybe stalking idols…
Guide: What?
Protagonist: I mean photography!
Guide: Oh! In that case how about joining the School Newspaper!
Protagonist: Sounds difficult…
Guide: Well, it’s all girls so I’m sure they’d welcome…
Protagonist: I’m in!


Natsuiro High School Gets Creepy - Wish
Natsuiro High School Gets Creepy - Wish 2


The trailer also shows of some new elements. Give enough money to the shrine and an old man will appear, granting you a wish, which you can use to undress everyone on the island.


Aside from the obligatory panty shots, Natsuiro High School will give players a lot of things to do, from completing quests, to wooing one of the available heroines. There are over 150 inhabitants on the island as well as a full calender system, which means you can expect events such as the school festival and trip to the beach.


Natsuiro High School Gets Creepy - 3


Like its name suggests, Natsuiro High School will be out this summer on the 4th of June, for both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. No western announcement yet, so we can only hope that we too will be able to enjoy the beautiful “sights” on the island soon.


Original Trailer

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