Tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct could potentially include a new Switch controller

Nintendo has announced that another Direct is coming tomorrow, September 23, at 11PM BST.

What’s interesting about this Direct is the fact that the 40 minute presentation will be “focused mainly on Nintendo Switch games launching this winter”. While this could just mean that some games shown will be launching after winter, there’s reason to believe that a controller will also be revealed during the Direct too.

An FFC listing was recently filed by Nintendo for a “game controller”, with documents related to the filing going live by September 24, 2021. With the product code being listed as “HAC043”, it’s possibly a follow-up to “HAC-042”, the official SNES-style Switch controllers released a few years back.

If it does happen to follow this pattern, then the likely candidate for a new controller would be something N64 related. Probably not a controller many people would want to use nowadays, though it would be a nice item for nostalgia alone.

As for other potential announcements during the Direct, the final Smash Ultimate DLC character seems like a safe bet. Bayonetta 3 would also be nice, but it’s been a no-show for a very long time now.

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